She likes it. She really, really likes it...

My middle child is very critical of, well, everything. She's kind of snobby in a sweet kind of way. And that is why I asked her to critique Accepting Magnolia. Who better to give me their unbiased opinion? My eleven-year-old who likes nothing. Believe me, she does not shy away from telling someone if something blows, so I was a bit apprehensive for her to read it. 

Of course, she was excited to read it, but there was a catch. She prefers audiobooks which meant I had to read the whole book out loud to her. Don't worry, I made her read some to me, too. I wasn't going to allow her to get out of practicing her reading skills. Anyway, I was thrilled every time she asked me to read another chapter, that she wasn't ready to put it down. I was even a little giddy when she started to cry. Then again, she cries at pretty much everything, like her mother, so I wasn't all too surprised. 

We finished Accepting Magnolia tonight, and I'm proud to say...I got a high-five and a, "Well, that was definitely better than The Hobbit." I don't know if that is saying much. I didn't care much for The Hobbit myself. I guess that means her and I have similar tastes in books! She said it held her interest and felt there were multiple positive messages. You know what? I'll take it!

I can say doesn't matter if this book sucks balls. The fact my eleven-year-old enjoyed it, and we spent quality time reading it together, I'd say it's a 5 star read. What do you think?

If you read Accepting Magnolia, which I sure hope you do, I would be over the moon if you left a review. Don't want to have to write out your opinion? That's okay. How about clicking how many stars you would rate it. I would so greatly appreciate it! 

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