I loved the thrill, the romance, and the friendships. Awesome book with lots of challenges and courage.
— TDCbookreviews
Wow, what a riveting story!
— annemarie_bookaholic

Accepting Magnolia

I speak to the dead.

But he’s not dead.


Every minute lost is another minute closer to his last breath. We must find him. Now.

I’ve always been an outcast, bullied my whole life. Yet, all I’ve ever wanted to do is to help people. But people are cruel. Unforgiving. Instead of being accepting and seeing the beauty in our differences, some feel threatened. Frightful of the unknown. They want to separate themselves from what they can’t understand. Even if it means kidnapping a young child. With the help of Max’s father and a friend, we are on a hunt to find Max before it’s too late.

I was worried we would never find him. I never thought I would be the one hurt when we did. It’s not easy, and most days, I want to give up. But through a special connection, a deep-rooted friendship, and a blossoming love, I learn who I am and what I’m capable of accomplishing.

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