From the minute I picked up this book I was immediately transported into another world. I couldn’t put it down and can’t wait to find out what happens next in the series!
— Amazon Customer
What an adventure! This book was hard to put down! Definitely worth the read.
— Amazon Customer


For first time flight attendant Brittany Powers, crashing in the Amazon is less than ideal.  She can barely take care of herself as it is.  Shaken and scared, Brittany stumbles upon one other survivor, Cooper Owens, the jerk in seat 4A, a marine turned air marshal who likes to bark orders.  Together they have to learn to endure what is lurking within the rainforest.  They must put aside their differences to make it out of the jungle alive.  

A relationship built on survival slowly blossoms into a love that both Brittany and Cooper can’t deny.  But, will the Amazon’s brutal environment drive a wedge between
their new found love or will the hidden beauty make them rethink what is important in life?


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