Life Happens

Not gonna lie, I am completely overwhelmed by Accepting Magnolia. It's finished and came back from the editor, but then I thought maybe I should have a content editor go through it. Which, by the way, is ass backwards. See, it should be content edited first then edited and I did it in the reverse order. It's okay though. I'm taking my time because this book means so much to me. But yeah, I am overwhelmed by all the changes I am making. What started off a simple tweak here and there is turning out to be more of a dissection of chapters. I know when it's fully polished it will be my best work yet. I truly love this book, for multiple reasons, and can't wait for ya'll to read it.

But life happens, and life can be a real shady bitch sometimes. On top of trying to finish AM, my house has been a cesspool of germs. Flu to be exact. I haven't had much time for writing or tweaking AM since I'm on round two of said flu. My son took two hits. My girls and my husband each have had their own knock out rounds with the devil. I'm hoping it vacates the premises soon because he has overstayed his welcome, for sure. This has been going on since Christmas and it's now mid-February. For real, the flu and his punk ass needs to get the hell out of my house. 

What are you reading? What releases are you excited for? A few books I highly recommend for you to pick up are Bright Side by Kim Holden, An Unforgiveable Love Story by B.L. Berry, Troubles by KC Enders, and The Ghostwriter by Alessandra Torre. Bright Side will have you bawling your eyes out. You'll want to slap B.L. Berry for screwing with your head with AULS. You'll fall in love with an Irishman in Troubles. And you'll feel every single emotion with The Ghostwriter. Such different stories but all shine with fabulous writing and storylines. They are beautiful and amazing, so don't miss your chance to read these books!

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Hope your new year is off to a good start and you all are staying healthy.