I have finally finished What Lies Beneath The Flower Bed. Here is a synopsis...

Gray Knight has a garden that can impress even Martha Stewart. How so? Well, she uses the most organic fertilizer she can find. Who knew that the corpse of a human body could produce the most beautiful flowers in all of Kansas? Sit back but don’t relax. Gray and her friends are about to take you on one hilarious, sexy and morbid ride.

Gray is not your typical serial killer. Not by a long shot. She’s unconventional in her approach and her victims are hand picked based on one common thread...they have all brutally abused women. Abused herself, Gray makes it her mission, with the help of her friends Andi and Jaz, to remove as many criminals as possible, leaving not a single trace of evidence behind. So she believes.

What do you get when you have an obsessive compulsive killer, a sexy vixen with a spoon and a sex deprived bitch with a gay husband? You get the Toxic Trio, of course. Three best friends with three wildly different personalities. And when they meet three hot men...well, all hell breaks loose. Why do you ask? Let’s just say that Jett, Cole and Drew are not the ideal boyfriends to have around when you spend your weekends slicing people open, pulling their organs out and burying them in the backyard.

Jaz and Andi can hardly keep their focus when Cole and Drew walk into the bar, but Gray is more cautious than her friends. Okay, cautious isn’t quite the word. Gray is paranoid. But she has a good reason to be. Jett Roman is a homicide detective, and for all Gray knows, Jett is the Grim Reaper who has come to lay her to rest. Are the foreign emotions Jett’s making Gray feel true or just smoke and mirrors? Only time will tell if her suspicions are as dead on as the cold bodies under the flowers.    





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D.M. Thornton

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