At one point last year I had two books going at once. I had started to write a book my grandfather would be able to read. One with no swearing and no sex. You know, something I wouldn't be mortified about when he read it. Because let's be real, having your gramps read steamy sex scenes filled with foul language is kinda awkward. So, while I was writing a book for my gramps I had other characters chomping at the bit to be put down on paper. They eventually won, and so I put my gramps' book on the backburner. That was until he got sick. I was in beast mode trying to finish it, but he passed before I could complete it. I tried to go back to the romance I was almost finished with but there was a glitch between my flash drive and my computer. You want to guess what happened? Yep, I lost the whole entire manuscript. Talk about being devastated. The silver lining, I suppose you could call it, losing all that hard work meant I could focus on finishing Accepting Magnolia, otherwise known as my gramps' book. It's finished and going through all the multiple editing stages, and while it's been in the hands of the small village it takes to piece these babies together, I started re-writing the romance I lost. My progress is good, and I'm over half way done. And, I think it may even be better than the original, so I suppose losing it wasn't such a bad thing after all. Only time will tell though...

I've been sitting on What Lies Beneath The Flower Bed for some time now. I'm happy to say I have sent that bad boy off to the editor, who should have it done by the end of July! I'm so unbelievably excited for this book. I think it's the best one yet! Now, What Lies Beneath The flower Bed is strictly in the POV of the three leading women...Gray, Andi and Jaz. My plan is to share the POV of the three leading men...Jett, Drew and Cole, in the second book, with a third book of all of them combined. But, my man Jett is being a punk. We had a good thing going, then he stopped talking to me. So, I'm taking a break from my sexy cop. However, I've started something new with a lovely couple, Piper Rose and Oliver Nelson. They're moving me right along their story. Not sure yet where it's going, but I'm enjoying their company. As always, keep checking back for updates!

I have finally finished edits for Lost Without You. It's now in the hands of the proofreader and soon after that's finished, the cover will be finalized. Now, I still don't have a release date, so you will have to check back, but it's getting close and I'm super excited to share the next book in the Lost series. I love Brittany and Cooper so much, I can't wait for you all to read it!

What do you think? Do Brittany and Cooper find their way back to each other? I guess you'll have to read Lost Without You to find out!

I am so freaking excited for the release of LOST, which is being released by, Whimsical Publications on December 11, 2015.  This is a three book series with LOST being the first title, followed by LOST WITHOUT YOU and LOST FOREVER.  Brittany and Cooper's story is one of survival, self-discovery and unbreakable love.  It's an amazing story, and I can't wait for you all to read it!

I'm currently working on a dark romantic comedy that touches the gory side of my brain.  The story of three friends; a serial killer, crazy vixen and a sex-crazed bitch, is ridiculously funny and a bit on the morbid side.  I can't wait to see where Gray, Andi and Jaz take me on their wild and murderous adventure!  Check back for updates on my latest project, What Lies Beneath The Flower Bed!

What Lies Beneath The Flower Bed is getting so good!  I can hardly contain my excitement and can't wait to share it with everyone.  I'm not giving any teasers away... yet, but maybe soon!  All I can say is I can't type fast enough!

I have finally finished What Lies Beneath The Flower Bed!  Here is a synopsis...

Gray Knight has a garden that can impress even Martha Stewart. How so? Well, she uses the most organic fertilizer she can find. Who knew that the corpse of a human body could produce the most beautiful flowers in all of Kansas? Sit back but don’t relax. Gray and her friends are about to take you on one hilarious, sexy and morbid ride.

Gray is not your typical serial killer. Not by a long shot. She’s unconventional in her approach and her victims are hand picked based on one common thread...they have all brutally abused women. Abused herself, Gray makes it her mission, with the help of her friends Andi and Jaz, to remove as many criminals as possible, leaving not a single trace of evidence behind. So she believes.

What do you get when you have an obsessive compulsive killer, a sexy vixen with a spoon and a sex deprived bitch with a gay husband? You get the Toxic Trio, of course. Three best friends with three wildly different personalities. And when they meet three hot men...well, all hell breaks loose. Why do you ask? Let’s just say that Jett, Cole and Drew are not the ideal boyfriends to have around when you spend your weekends slicing people open, pulling their organs out and burying them in the backyard.

Jaz and Andi can hardly keep their focus when Cole and Drew walk into the bar, but Gray is more cautious than her friends. Okay, cautious isn’t quite the word. Gray is paranoid. But she has a good reason to be. Jett Roman is a homicide detective, and for all Gray knows, Jett is the Grim Reaper who has come to lay her to rest. Are the foreign emotions Jett’s making Gray feel true or just smoke and mirrors? Only time will tell if her suspicions are as dead on as the cold bodies under the flowers.